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Okay, if you're in Connecticut, you're a Democrat (but who isnt around here?), and above voting age, I want to talk to you about Ned Lamont.

I went into this thing with pretty blah feelings all around, but with every intention of voting for Lieberman in the November election for Senate. I wasn't gonna vote for someone I knew nothing about, which is what Mr. Lamont was a few months ago. As I've learned more about him from his commercials and the interviews and the endorsements he's gotten from everyone from NOW to Michael Schiavo to the Daily Kos guy actually IN his campaign ad, he seemed more interesting. I was still unsure. I felt kinda bad about not voting for Lieberman. I mean, he seems like a good guy. It's no where NEAR the Chris Shayes angst I have, but it's still a little bit there.

But basically, I didn't have a real opinion about this election except for "blah leave me alone it's hot." I was invited to a Lamont fundraiser by some good friends, and going in knowing next to nothing, my mind was blown.

Lamont's an oddly adorable, very charming, very funny guy who reminds me of my uncle Jim, in the best possible way. You can tell he's old money (as are a lot of people around here, so it's not too unusual), and he wears it very well. He seems like a nice guy, personally.

On the issues, I know a lot of people are saying he's more anti-Lieberman than pro-Lamont, but I honestly feel like Ned Lamont would make a good senator. He disagrees w/ the current administration fervently on the war in Iraq, yes, but that's not his only policy. He wants to close the gap on Americans without healthcare, for instance, and believes in universal healthcare for all Americans. As someone who's worked in an innercity health clinic, this is an important issue for me. I honestly start to tear up when I think about the health care problem in this country-- the fact that over 40 million Americans are too rich to be covered by the government and too poor to pay for insurance. Also, education-- as a college student and recent high school graduate, education is also an important issue for me. Ned's work at Harding High in BPo speaks for itself--volunteer teacher. You know that children are important to him, and his own are always near by.

Oh, and I made a blog!

Okay that was my 5 seconds of fame.

Even if you didnt read any of what I just wrote, have different opinions, are offended or from a different fricken country, YOU MUST WATCH THIS:

It's very possibly the best campaign ad ever.

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