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pack up what you own...and you dial up who you can't phone...

So it's 11:10 AM and I'm watching The View. I had a 9oclock stat lecture which involved performance art by my 85 year old teacher, and three classes back to back from 12-3, in 3 different locations waaay across campus. Must put on the track shoes.

So this is college.

Food is honestly better than I eat at home, my bed is comfortable, and evey morning I wake up to a view of sprawling fields and sometimes cows. I walk about 2-4 miles a day just going to class and the co-op and back and sometimes more. I eat a lot of cucumbers and tea.

There is an undergrouond file sharing network at the school that has changed my life. Movies take 10 minutes to download. TV shows in less than 5. Albums 30 seconds. Songs are less than one second. It has honestly replaced any need I have for a TV-- i can just download and watch what ever I want within a few minutes.

The roommate is really chill so that a good thing. It could be way worse.

Things are pretty okay.
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