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somewhat of a gip

Past two days I was running a fever-- Wed it was 99.8 and yesterday it was 101.2. Today it was okay but that's probably because I had to write a histry paper last night and ended up satying up, thus running today entirely on adrenaline.

I went to the beach today during my free and had my lunch on the sand and stared out into the ocean. It was windy, and a little chilly, but the sun was warm and the sea air made me feel a whole lot better about life.

I'm writing X-Files fanfic. I am scared for my mental health.

Also, don't ever, ever watch 'This Is Not Happening.' Ever. Seriously, I know better. But I couldn't help myself. We're talking The-Notebok-fetal-position tears here. Every time. It's just the image of Scully screaming her head of, screaming 'this is not happening!' with the raw voice, and them trying to hold her back (she's lie, what 5 months pregnant?) after they find Mulder's body. And I tear up just thinking about it.

There is sand in my pants still. I don't really mind.
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