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the first 7 episodes of prison break?

Does anybody here watch Prison Break? I just watched the first seven episodes of the first season.

Uh, if you don't watch, you should. Because it's ridiculously awesome.

Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell as brothers? Hot.

Aging Robin Tunney as Veronica (Who Wishes Her Last Namer Were Mars)? Hot.

Everybody on the show? Hot.

Michael/Sara is pretty much the best relationship ever. It's so.. I believe the word people are throwing around is Victorian. It's soo... they have hand holding and one kiss and meaningful stare-y eye-sex. It's quite magnificent.

Lincoln and Michael should have like a brother show where all they do is hang out and be brothers. It would be awesome. I would buy all of the seasons on DVD.

Similarly, Michael and Sucre are the funniest duo I've seen in a long time. They are so married.
They should also have their own show.

And T-Bag freaks me the fuck out.

And, again, I'll mention that Wentworth Miller is so sexy that I start ovulating every time he comes on screen. And since I was a John Doe fan before that excellent piece of television was ripped from us, I hold a special torch for Dominic Purcell in my heart, regardless of his oddly proportioned head.

I'm having fandom issues, however. For me, Michael and Sara work so much better on paper, in fanfic. Their forbidden thing is totally my style. And the actors portray it really well. But I feel more comfortable with a Michael/Sara relationship in fanfic, in fact I push for it, than I do on the show. IT's sexy and everything and well played out, but it would never work in real life. And I guess thinking about that doesnt make me too happy, so I stick to fanfic.

Now, Lincoln and Veronica, on the other hand, I am totally comfortable with. A lot of people will say that RT and DP have no chemistry and it's awkward between them, and it's true, but I love how it's awkward. I love the absolute despair, the regret, the sorrow. It's about two peope who were once in love and maybe still are, but their lives took them to different places, and it's about choosing, about when you start to take your own path a opposed to the other person's. aIt's antastic, and extremely painful and interesting to me. I Mean, Veronica obviously cares deeply for him, and he has feelings back for her, mostly of regret and self-loathing, and they're really in no position for a relationship and its soooo complicated.

Conclusion: Veronica/Lincoln is my show OTP, while Michael/Sara is my fandom OTP.

Sorry for the early morning rambles. :)
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