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Things that have occured in my life since the last update.

1. University of Connecticut. I move in August 25th, and have yet to really start shopping for my new home. I have chatted iwth my roommate a few times and she seems pretty cool.

2. Fear. Because, uh, I wont live in my house anymore.

3. Excitement. Because, uh, I wont live in my house anymore. (Not that I dont love it, because I actually do)

4. Smallville. Explored the show. Like it a lot. Do not understand the Lana hate, because I think she's adorable. I guess I'm destined to love the characters most people want to murder. VM Duncan anyone? I like Clark and Lana and think this intonation of Lois is a little..uh, I dont know. I have no desire to watch season 6, as I know my ship has been permanently sunk, and you guys know how ofen I overship things.

5. New computer! If it doesnt come within the 3-5 days as promised, Imma bust a cap in someones ass. 1gb ram, 120 gb harddrive, cd/dvd bruner, wireless, 17" lcd, all the trimmings. Now I just have to transfer all teh files from this one to that oen and that will be a bitch and a half.

6. Laura Veirs. Get on the Laura Veirs train. Download the album "Year of Meteors". It's a Mirah-esque voice with Joanna Newsom-y lyrics with a smidge of Blonde Redhead sensability. Anyway, I love her and she's my current favorite. Secret Someones, Parisian Dream, Rialto, Galaxies, and Cool Water. LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN.

7. The bulimia is back. I had a gallon of mint choloate chip yesterday. It's a problem. I'm a compulsive eater and been mia on and off for 5 years, mostly off, and I've been treated for it in past. If it didnt work so well, I wouldnt do it, because it's hard and I'm lazy. But sometimes I'm too fuckin lazy to exercise, and its easier.

8. The new meds I have make my tummy hurt.

9. Rented Moonlighting to see what all of my shows always get compared to. The plots are ludicrous but it's addictively entertaining, and yes, its UST at its finest.

10. Watched the BSG mini. Remembered why I miss old school BSG so much.

11. If you're in Connecticut, PLEASE vote for NED LAMONT in the August 8th democratic primary. We need some change in this senate. I knew nothing about Lamont until I head him speak, and now I'm hooked. NEDHEADS FOR LIFE!

12. Hung out with Emily and the miss Anna last night and we cruised and drank Starbucks and smoked too many cigarettes, which were like made of tar or something.

13. Carolyn's friend Jill is over. Thos in the know will understand why I'm being a little revealing right now.

14. Had dinner with Joe and his mom, because Big Joe was all sicklike and Crissy was awol. Have officially won Babs over. Apparently, I'm a rather important aspect of her son's life. The whole dinner just made me confused, because, honestly, there is zero reason why Joe wont have sex with me. Like, I'm so over the thing for him, I'm not even sad or mad or anything anymore. I'm just perplexed, because the way he treats me is so special and like I'm important, and I know he loves me. I'm just confused as to why the sex has not occured. I'm even okay with it not having happend, it never happening. Just confused. We all wore tank tops and sweatpants and Joe fell asleep at 10:39 in front of the TV. It was pathetic, but oddly adorable.

15. Uh? Clana? Oh, and Lex is really fuckin' sexy. Rosenbaum's Lex is the best Lex ever, by far. Chloe Mars.

16. IT's 95 degrees right now. And it's nighttime! It was like 102 today I thought I was gonna die.

That's pretty much it. I feel better.
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